Marketing Target your audience like never before Use every day gathered information to target your audience with the right message and offers devised just for them. Shaperbuddy empowers your business with the right information and tools so you can take the lead, engage with knowledge and increase sales.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns Shaperbuddy offers different eDirect Marketing tools empowering you to communicate professionally with clients in an easy and integrated way.
  • Easy to create email newsletter Use Shaperbuddy to design and send email marketing campaigns. Choose your style from available templates or customize one to your look & feel. Add images, text, links nail your style and send it through Shaperbuddys email marketing platform. No needs to use any other system. Your buddy will do it for you. For Free.
  • Right Message to the right People Mailing Lists Shaperbuddy lets you email the right people. Segment your subscribers for accurate and efficient marketing campaigns. New longboard model ?? mail it directly to longborders or clients alike. Thats what mailing lists are for.
  • Manage your Subscribers Import, create or collect contacts to your subscriber lists. Subscribe them to as many mailing lists as you want, and you will have everyone getting the right message on the right time.
More than a Management System, Shaperbuddy is and acts as a powerful marketing tool as it records your customer's preferences, their location, age, gender and even their spending patterns. This local knowledge combined with the right tools enables you to develop simple marketing strategies that target their specific needs, increasing sales and converting them into regular clients. Take over.
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Shaperbuddy is a One & Only management tool designed specifically for the Surfboard Manufacturing Industry, covering and solving all relevant management needs, from production to commercial.

Take Control and Takeoff Shaperbuddy will put you in control of your business fast, helping with the right tools to let you focus on customers and grow sales.

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