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Announcing Takeoff in Australia

Shaperbuddy - Board Manufacturing Industry Management Software announces Takeoff in Australia

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About Shaperbuddy

Shaperbuddy is a unique "all-in-one" management system and global marketplace for Board Sport Manufacturing developed to address the Industry's long time need for a specific, integrated, management tool that would help board builders to organize and manage production efficiently, empowering to connect closely with customers, expand online presence easily and grow their business, no matter their size or status.

We combined state-of-the-art Client Management, Production Management, Inventory, Sales, Billing (Invoicing), Stock Management, Cost Control, Email Marketing and custom website development in one specific single management platform to provide an integrated view of all core business processes in real-time, making it simple and truly unique.

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Shaperbuddy is a One & Only management tool designed specifically for the Surfboard Manufacturing Industry, covering and solving all relevant management needs, from production to commercial.

Take Control and Takeoff Shaperbuddy will put you in control of your business fast, helping with the right tools to let you focus on customers and grow sales.

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